The Midwest’s Legendary Dip

There’s a perfectly good reason the iconic sour cream dip of the northland is called Top The Tater. Or… maybe not. Who knows. Either way, it’s super tasty, and that’s all that matters.


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Real sour cream artfully blended with bold seasonings to delight your taste buds. Explore the mouth-watering flavors of Top The Tater.

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Check out some of our favorite crowd-pleasing recipes and make it greater with Top The Tater. Have a recipe of your own you’d like to share? Submit it here!

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Find Top The Tater near you (assuming you live in the Upper Midwest). If not, it might be time to move.

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  • It’s the shortest day of the year but there’s still time for Tater. #WinterSolstice
  • 'Tis the season. ???? @allisonmob
  • Tag a friend to remind them to pick up Zesty Buffalo Top The Tater. It’s snack time
  • Come to Minnesota for Top The Tater. Stay because there's a snowstorm
  • That pre-Thanksgiving grocery run
  • Wings ️Chips ️Top The Tater ️️️We’re officially game day ready. Who are you cheering for
  • Top The Tater Cheesy Potatoes are a pan-full of Midwest goodness. Enjoy them with extremely good manners, and an extra helping of “Uff-Da’s” this holiday season. Recipe at the link in our bio
  • There’s football to watch and Tater to dip. Life is good
  • How many ways are there to enjoy Top the Tater? You tell us.The first 100 people to submit their creative and delicious way to use Top The Tater in a recipe will get a free hat, to boot! Submissions must be made at the link in our bio or We can’t wait to try your recipe out, and if it’s good (which it will be because heck, it’s got Top the Tater) it might just wind up on – talk about bragging rights
  • There’s never been a better time for Top The Tater Squeeze than National Nachos Day on November 6th. Here’s your official Save The Date