• Top the Tater® Tater Tot Hot Dish

Top the Tater Tater Tot Hot Dish: Not easy to say, but incredibly easy to enjoy.

Top the Tater Tater Tot Hot Dish


  • 1-1/2 lb ground beef
  • 1 tub (12 oz) Original Top the Tater
  • 8 oz shredded cheese
  • 1 bag frozen tater tots


  • Brown ground beef, drain excess fat.
  • Mix in Top the Tater and stir well.
  • Spray large baking dish to prevent sticking. Add beef mixture. Layer shredded cheese. Layer tater tots.
  • Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 50 minutes.

Bonus Tip: Add some fresh corn or onions on top of the beef mixture for an extra punch of flavor.

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